ADHD in Adults: What the Non-specialist Needs to Know

This event took place on Wednesday 27 January 2021
In this second webinar of a trilogy, Dr James Kustow is joined by two leading UK experts. Dr Joe Johnson shares helpful insights on how to identify, diagnose and manage ADHD in adults. Stephen Chapman introduces The ADHD Virtual Patient – a computer-generated 3D avatar in a virtual environment designed to simulate the interaction between the clinician and a virtual patient. At the centre of the virtual patient case study is a ‘decision tree’ providing clinical experience and evidence base for the case. Professor Chapman discusses details of the simulation and its potential for remote learning.


Welcome and Introductions, Dr James Kustow
ADHD in Adults: What the Non-specialist Needs to Know, Dr Joe Johnson
Clinical Avatars for Training on Adult ADHD, Professor Stephen Chapman
Key Learnings

Meet the Speakers

Dr James Kustow
Dr James Kustow
Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Adult ADHD

Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Adult ADHD. He is a member of UKAAN's executive board and their Training Programme Director. In 2018 he chaired a team contributing to the European Consensus Statement on Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD.

Dr Joe Johnson
Dr Joe Johnson
Consultant Psychiatrist at the North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Consultant Psychiatrist at the North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust where he set up the Adult ADHD service in 2008 which is now one of the largest ADHD service providers in the Northwest. He was also involved in setting up Adult ADHD clinics for the local prison service.

Professor Stephen Chapman
Professor Stephen Chapman
Virtual Health Shed

Stephen Chapman is Emeritus Professor of Medicines Optimisation and was Head of Medicines Optimisation in the School of Pharmacy at Keele University. He has provided the academic lead on issues such as implementing evidence-based medicine, prescribing databases and health service prescribing policies and prescribing advice to Clinical Commissions Groups in the West Midlands. Steve was until recently, a member of the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority’s Appeal Board, and the RPS Education Expert Advisory Panel.

What will the webinar cover?

Key learning objectives

  • Provide an expert opinion for the recognition, diagnosis and ongoing support for adult ADHD patients, identifying the vital inputs that a non-specialist clinician can have that will benefit their individual patients
  • Introducing The ADHD Virtual Patient. A free to use, virtual experience that can help clinicians improve their ADHD clinical skill set