Managing ADHD in a COVID World

This event took place on Wednesday 13 January 2021
The first of three broadcasts facilitated by Dr James Kustow, Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in adult ADHD. James is the UKAAN Training Programme Director and in this broadcast introduces Dr Muhammad Arif, Consultant Psychiatrist working in Leicester who talks about some of the challenges with managing ADHD patients through a pandemic and offers some practical tips on the same topic.


Welcome and Introduction, Dr James Kustow (Chair)
Managing ADHD in a COVID World, Dr Muhammad Arif

Meet the Speakers

Dr James Kustow
Dr James Kustow
Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Adult ADHD

He is a member of UKAAN's executive board and their Training Programme Director. In 2018 he chaired a team contributing to the European Consensus Statement on Diagnosis and Treatment of Adult ADHD.

Dr Muhammad Arif
Dr Muhammad Arif
UKAAN Committee Member

Dr Muhammad Arif trained in Psychiatry in Pakistan, where he gained experience in the assessment and treatment of children with ADHD. He is currently an acting Consultant Psychiatrist working in Leicester, where he started the special interest Adult ADHD clinic in 2002.

What will the webinar cover?

Key learning objectives

  • Review the collective data for the management of ADHD during the COVID-19 pandemic and provide support and solutions for clinicians when diagnosing and treating ADHD patients remotely