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Welcome to the Flynn Forum

Education, training, resources, events and products for healthcare professionals working in general medicine, women’s health and with Neurodevelopmental Disorders (NDD). Useful clinical tools and patient support materials to help with consultations in each community.


Online events can be viewed live or on demand. Our events include NDD, ASD, ADHD, vitamin D and women’s health. These can be viewed in the NDD, General Medicine and Women's Health communities.

Education & Training

Free resources for HCPs and patient information across NDD, general medicine and women’s health. Fully searchable and categorised by therapy area, condition, format and products.

Service Support

Patient-focused resources and materials designed to improve decision-making and support service improvement across a number of therapy areas. Developed with clinicians, NHS leaders and the third sector.


Flynn supplies branded and generic medicines across a wide range of therapy areas including general medicine, psychiatry, paediatrics, post-operative pain management, anti-infective medicine and emergency medicine.

About Flynn Pharma

Flynn Pharma is a privately held pharmaceutical company. We are engaged in a wide range of therapy areas including general medicine, NDD, psychiatry, paediatrics, post-operative pain management, anti-infective medicine, women's health, and emergency medicine. Flynn introduces new products, improves existing formulations or adds new indications to benefit patients.

The Flynn Forum engages healthcare professionals from across the clinical setting, offering continued professional development and service improvement through education rich meetings, resource items and service innovations.

Our Community Sites

Your sites for therapy-specific resources, events and details of our products.

Our General Medicine

A resource centre for clinicians working across many therapy areas including information and resources regarding treatment and prevention of vitamin D deficiency in adults.


A resource centre for healthcare professionals working in neurodevelopmental disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities.

Our Women's Health

A resource centre for healthcare professionals working in women’s health, including menopause, HRT and contraception.

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We are committed to the delivery of high quality education and supporting the continued development of healthcare professionals - it's our way of helping you to help your patients. Here are the latest educational events across our community.

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Latest Education & Training

Flynn works across a number of complex yet treatable therapy areas and is committed to supporting the continued education of healthcare professionals, trainees and allied roles.

Information for Parents of Children Prescribed Meflynate® XL (Methylphenidate Hydrochloride)

Information for parents of children prescribed Meflynate XL - a general guide to treatment with Meflynate XL.

Insomnia in paediatric ASD

An interactive case study for healthcare professionals exploring why insomnia in ASD is a priority, the importance of sleep and how to achieve positive outcomes.

4 Reasons to Stop Prescribing Liquid Melatonin for Children

There is a general acceptance of the benefits of solid dosage forms over liquid dosage forms for stability, dosing, and administration issues1. This booklet provides healthcare professionals with a concise summary of the drawbacks of prescribing liquid melatonin in children, with the support of clinical data. 1. European Medicines Agency, Guideline on pharmaceutical development of medicines for paediatric use, 2013. (Accessed November 2022)

Slenyto® (Prolonged release melatonin) Placebo Dose Card

A paediatric dose card illustrating the range of presentations for Slenyto®

To request this material please contact us.

ADHD Avatar - The Virtual Patient

A training resource for psychiatrists to facilitate identification of adult ADHD. Flynn Pharma, in conjunction with Virtual Health Shed, has developed 3D characters in a virtual environment to simulate interaction between the learner and a virtual patient or clinical virtual actor (avatar). Interaction with the computer generated characters is possible via multiple choice questions and, at the end of the consultation, the learner is provided with comprehensive feedback. The aim of this resource is to familiarise the learner with the 'language of ADHD' so as to be able to confidently identify adult ADHD patients presenting in secondary care.

For further information on the virtual patient please contact