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June 2023

Welcome to our Women's Health Community

A resource centre for healthcare professionals working in women's health, including vaginal health, VVA and menopause.
Women's Health: Vaginal dryness is a common problem during the menopause, but it is something women rarely talk about. We aim to raise awareness of the impact of VVA on women's health, with the ambition of bringing about positive change to those whose lives are affected by this diagnosis.
Menopause: We work with leading experts in the field to design meeting programmes that explore key issues in menopause whilst offering practical tips and training that are applicable for use in the real world.
Vulvar and Vaginal Atrophy (VVA): Flynn has collaborated with clinicians and leaders working within the NHS and elsewhere to create a range of healthcare professional and patient-focussed resources to support the patient journey.

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We are committed to the delivery of high quality education and supporting the continued development of healthcare professionals - it's our way of helping you to help your patients. Here are the latest educational events across our community.

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Flynn is committed to supporting the continued education of healthcare professionals, trainees and allied roles in Women’s Health. Free resources for HCPs and patient information in women’s health. Resources are fully searchable and categorised by therapy area, condition, format and products.
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