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June 2023

Making a Difference in Paediatric ASD-related Insomnia

This event took place on Thursday 8 October 2020
The second in a series of three webinars designed to tackle the topic of insomnia in autistic children and young people. ‘Making a Difference in Paediatric ASD Related Insomnia’, considers how sleep disturbance can exacerbate daytime autism, addresses some of the current gaps in patient management, seeks to define optimal, evidence-based care and offers practical solutions to overcome the hurdles healthcare professionals face in supporting patients and families living with a diagnosis of insomnia and ASD.
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Welcome and Introduction, Dr Carole Buckley (Chair)
In My Practice, Dr Roger Henderson
Stop, Start and Continue, Professor Carmen Schröder
The Real Impact of Poor Sleep in Children with ASD: What Does the Data Tell Us?, Professor Carmen Schröder
Benefits of Treatment and Treatment Options, Professor Carmen Schröder
Key Learning, Dr Carole Buckley (Chair)
Dr Carole Buckley
Dr Carole Buckley
Retired GP, Royal College of General Practitioners clinical representative for autism

Carole was a GP in Bristol for over 30 years until retirement from clinical practice in 2017. She persuaded the Royal College of General Practitioners to make autism a clinical priority in 2014 and became the clinical champion of the same for the following 3 years. She remains the autism representative and represents the college at priority setting meetings with, for example, NHS England. She also works closely with Autistica and is involved in research and teaching on neurodevelopmental conditions. Added to that she has lived experience as a mother of a 30-year-old who has autism, a severe learning disability, epilepsy and a history of insomnia.

Dr Roger Henderson
Dr Roger Henderson

Dr Roger Henderson is a senior GP, most recently as the head of a 6,000-patient general practice where he was also a GP trainer, running his large main surgery and two branch surgeries including a university campus. He now works as a sessional GP in order to concentrate on his health media work. He is the medical columnist for The Spectator and appears regularly on television, radio and internet to discuss health-related matters. He is the UK Medical Director for Liva Healthcare and a member of the steering committee of the Primary Care and Community Neurology Society that helps spearhead the development of community neurology services and is a consultant for the health website NetDoctor. He has an interest in autistic spectrum disorders and was a judge for the national 2020 General Practice Awards.

Professor Carmen Schröder
Professor Carmen Schröder
Secondary Care Clinician

Prof. Carmen M. Schröder is a Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine in Strasbourg and head of the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University Hospitals in Strasbourg, France. She is also a sleep expert certified by the European Sleep Research Society (ESRS) and holds a PhD in neuroscience with a particular expertise in sleep and chronobiology.

What will the webinar cover?

Key learning objectives

  • Consider how sleep disturbances exacerbate daytime autism.
  • Address some of the current gaps in patient management.
  • Define optimal, evidence-based care.
  • Discover practical solutions to support patients and families living with a diagnosis of insomnia and ASD.